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China to have first offshore wind power station

17:13, October 17, 2007

The China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) would complete the construction of a wind power station some 60 km offshore, which would be first of its kind in the country, said general manager Fu Chengyu in Beijing on Wednesday.

The wind power station would have an installed capacity of 1,500 kw and is located in the Bohai Bay, said Fu, a delegate to the17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), on the sidelines of the event.

However, Fu did not elaborate on other details of the plant.

The CNOOC is more a energy company than a pure oil company, said Fu. It would focus on new sources of energy, renewable energy and energy conservation technologies.

"The national development mode decides the development of our company," Fu said.

Chinese leader Hu Jintao pledged the country will promote conservation culture while moving to build a moderately prosperous society when he delivered a report to the CPC congress on Monday. It is believed to be the first time that China calls for conservation culture in a keynote political document.

"(We will) promote a conservation culture by basically forming an energy- and resource-efficient and environment-friendly structure of industries, pattern of growth and mode of consumption," said Hu.

Source: Xinhua

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